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Dark Hearts Healing Arts is a healing space for intense, sensitive, creative, against-the-grain folx who seek deeper self-connection, authentic emotional expression, and grounded spiritual expansion.

Here, your needs are a priority, your ambitions are valid, and the psycho-spiritual work we do is done in alignment with your values and dignity.

Here, you don’t have to hide who you are or how you feel. You already belong because you’re you.

Here, your healing and integration process is unique to you. It happens at the pace you can engage with and sustain, without judgement, shame or “shoulds” put on you.


The most radical thing you can do is be fully and freely you.

I'm here to help you do that.

Hey there! I'm Vanessa Persephone Wells, your guide to navigating the Unknown and actualizing the life you're longing for.

WTF does that even mean? I'm so glad you asked.

Allow me to explain.

A part of you knows it's time to shed the "shoulds" that have shaped your identity and lived experience throughout your life - how you "should" look, be, feel, act, and choose.

A part of you knows it's time to choose You now, to prioritize your needs and maybe even get to know for the first time what that means.

And a part of you feels scared, hesitant, overwhelmed, and unsafe about all that. So you might feel torn between wanting to grow and initiate change, and finding comfort in the familiarity of how things are or have been, even if they've been really rough. 

Together, we're going to embark on a journey, whether that's over the course of one hour, one month, or one year. This journey will lead you into healing harmony with your Self - not through forcing, or fixing, or secret-sauce formulas, but by using compassionate curiosity, intuitive inquiry, conscious choice, and authentic action.


Depending on the offering you choose, your session(s) will incorporate Oracle Cards, Astrology, Shadow Work, nervous system regulation techniques, integrative coaching, energy healing, and/or self-care practices that support you in:

  • clarifying and fulfilling your needs,

  • recognizing and prioritizing your inherent value,

  • establishing and enforcing empowering boundaries,

  • connecting and committing to your truth,

  • acknowledging, aligning with, and acting through your authenticity.

You really can live a life that's filled with both excitement and ease.

You really can do things your way and succeed.

You really can be the multi-faceted, uncensored expression of yourself and be loved, accepted, respected, and valued.

Experience for yourself what's genuinely possible for you through this work. Below are a few ways you can do that...

Ways to Work Together...

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Oracle Card Readings

When the thinking mind can't figure out the solution you need, allow intuition to guide you to the information you need and the actions that will authentically and successfully serve you. Sessions are private and held over Zoom.

Copy of Tarot Spread header image.png

Co-Working + Coaching

For creatives and solo biz owners who struggle with Executive Dysfunction because of ADHD, C-PTSD, or any reason that makes organizing and prioritizing your time and tasks a challenge, there's a solution. And it's a solution tailored specifically to you! CO-WORKING + COACHING offers you collaboration, strategy, accountability, and compassionate support so you can work for yourself successfully without being driven by overwhelm.

Image by Sebastian Ervi
Image by Justin Dickey

Integration Coaching

Co-create a life and/or business that is an authentic outer reflection of your inner values, aspirations, intentions, and commitments. These programs are designed for intensive focus and impactful transformation.

Image by Justin Dickey
Image by Tyler Nix

Practitioner MeetCute

Running your own business - especially online - can be really isolating, and even create an echo chamber of self-doubt. Practitioner MeetCutes are virtual coffee dates for other practitioners who share similar values to mine and whose work compliments this space. It's a change to expand our professional networks and cultivate community and connection!


Need a No-Risk option to get started with?

Explore Your Intuition and Expand Self-Connection 
with a Free DIY Oracle Card Spread

If, like me, you're the type of person who needs to see how something works before you're able to commit to it, I invite you to download my "Embrace, Embody + Express" Oracle Card Spread. 

The questions in this layout are designed to draw you into the depths of your consciousness and connect you with your inner wisdom, so you can align your energy with your intentions and take empowered action.

All you need is an open mind and your favorite Tarot or Oracle Card deck to explore your intuition and expand self-connection.

This is also a great way to get a feel for my style of reading, and if a deeper, private reading with me would benefit you!

An Oracle Card propped against several crystals on a wooden table

In the Media...

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Vanessa Persephone Wells

Self-Commitment Coach + Inner Wisdom Witch
Founder, Dark Hearts Healing Arts

I'm a psychic medium, integrative coach, solitary eclectic secular witch, energy healer, and founder of Dark Hearts Healing Arts. I utilize a comprehensive mix of integrative, intuitive, trauma-sensitive modalities to guide you through the questions, curiosity, and challenges that occupy the space between where you are right now and where you're hoping to go.

My mission is to support you in cultivating deeper self-connection, authentic self-expression, and confidence in your ability to craft a life you love, so you can freely and fully be YOU.

You can currently work with me one-to-one through single Oracle Card readings, or through my coaching offers.

I'm always innovating new ways to meet my clients needs.  Join my mailing list to be notified of when they launch!


Sessions are conveniently conducted online via Zoom.

Let's Connect!

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