Are you ready to revel in your unique power, purpose, and potential?

Of course you are.

You wouldn't be here otherwise.

Self-Worth Witchery for Deep Feelers, Intense Thinkers, and Witchy Creatives who are done living in survival mode and want to live, contribute, and create in a way that feels affirming, rewarding, and real.

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The most radical thing you can do is be fully and freely you.

You're not wrong, or weird, or a failure for wanting more from life, for feeling like happy shouldn't be so hard, for longing to belong in a way that feels safe, supportive, and reciprocal.

A part of you knows it's time to shed the "shoulds" that have shaped your identity and lived experience throughout your life - how you "should" look, be, feel, act, and choose.

A part of you knows it's time to choose You now, to prioritize your needs and maybe even get to know for the first time what that means.

And a part of you feels really scared, hesitant, overwhelmed, and unsafe about all that. So you might feel torn between wanting to grow and initiate change, and finding comfort in the familiarity of how things are or have been...probably for a while. 

If living in this tension of shapeshifting between who you truly are and who others have taught you you "should" be is costing you your sense of reality, or stifling your voice, or holding you back from contributing to the world in a way that feels authentic...

Craft a life that fully and freely reflects you in  "Co-Create the True You" Intuitive Coaching Series

By the end of this 5-week 1:1 collaboration of online coaching sessions and Oracle Card readings, you'll...

  • feel clearer about what your self-defined needs, values, and boundaries are,

  • show up more consistently and confidently in your life, creative projects, relationships, and business,

  • connect more deeply to your intuition and your core Self,

  • trust yourself to know what's best for you.


"Moving forward" will have a direction, and exploring how to get there will carry a renewed sense of excitement while also feeling grounded and safe (instead of overwhelming, unattainable, or forced).

If you're interested in joining the next upcoming series

Dip Your Toes into Intuitive Waters...

Explore Your Intuition and Expand Self-Connection 
with a Free DIY Oracle Card Spread

If, like me, you're the type of person who needs to see how something works before you're able to commit to it, I invite you to download my "Embrace, Embody + Express" Oracle Card Spread. 

The questions in this layout are designed to draw you into the depths of your consciousness and connect you with your inner wisdom, so you can align your energy with your intentions and take empowered action.

All you need is an open mind and your favorite Tarot or Oracle Card deck to explore your intuition and expand self-connection.

This is also a great way to get a feel for my style of reading, and if a deeper, private reading with me would benefit you!

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More Ways to Work Together...

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Exclusive readings, content, + discounts

This membership is an inclusive space for cultivating inspiration, connecting with intuition, and exchanging support within a community of open-hearted, open-minded badasses! It's an awesome way to receive consistent guidance and accountability, as well as develop relationships for a low monthly investment.

Private Sessions

Individual Readings + Coaching

Private sessions are specifically for

in-depth, intimate, and transformational growth work. This is where we'll explore your shadows, examine themes like self-worth and how past traumas are informing current predicaments, and outline actionable steps toward healing. Readings can be done for personal or professional guidance, as well as overall life purpose.

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Live + Pre-recorded group programs

Group-coaching style programs, online workshops, and self-paced classes designed to dive deep into specific topics, trainings, and tutorials about how you can pursue your passions and fulfill your purpose with intention and integrity.

In the Media...

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Vanessa Persephone Wells

Founder/Self-Worth Witch, Dark Hearts Healing Arts

I'm a psychic medium, certified coach, empath, solitary eclectic secular witch, energy worker, and founder of Dark Hearts Healing Arts. I utilize a comprehensive mix of integrative, intuitive, trauma-sensitive modalities to guide you through the questions, curiosity, and challenges that occupy the space between where you are right now and where you're hoping to go.

My mission is to support you in cultivating deeper self-connection, authentic self-expression, and confidence in your ability to craft a life you love, so you can freely and fully be YOU.

You can currently work with me one-to-one through single Oracle Card readings, or through my 5-week coaching series, "Co-Create the True You." A cost-accessible monthly membership, as well as a self-paced course, is in development. Join my mailing list to be notified of when they launch!


Sessions are conveniently conducted online via Zoom.