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Companies have a responsibility to enrich their communities.

Companies, brands, and businesses wouldn't exist without the customers who invest in and support them with dollars and referrals.
I'm of the belief that businesses have a responsibility to recirculate some of that support back into the community, be it globally or locally, to ensure better social equity and to be of service beyond profits.

I choose to give to grassroots organizations that provide direct relief and assistance, as I have no interest in supporting systems that fail or are mired in bureaucracy that ultimately impairs people's ability to get help.

Each month, I give to the following organizations because their causes are close to my heart and I respect their work, dedication, and impact:

The Loveland Foundation
Founded by Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation funds therapy and other healing opportunities to communities of color, especially to Black women and girls.

Brown Bag Lady
Provides food, basic living necessities, and a sense of humanity and dignity 
directly to the unhoused communities of Los Angeles. They also have a COVID Relief
Fund specifically for the people they serve and support.

At the moment, I give what I can on a monthly basis!
My goal is to have a generous minimum that I can guarantee - and hopefully exceed - each month, as well as expand the list of causes
and organizations that receive much-needed funding.


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