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Mystical Misfits

Monthly Membership Circle

Listen up, you beautiful weirdo...

There are so many, like you, who crave connection and the support of community but have a hard time fitting into collective spaces. Samesies, m'dear.

You've probably also joined groups and meet-ups and memberships with the hopes that you'd meet like-minded folx you could form long-lasting friendships with, only to find that the relationships fizzle outside of the group or you never quite make a match in the first place.

The Power of Belonging

As comfortable as you may be on your own, humans are wired for connection. Belonging to something bigger is essential to the ability to thrive and to grow. 

But it makes sense, especially for those of us who've lived experiences that make it challenging to connect with or trust others, to feel disappointed when a group we "should" feel at home with only reminds us of our "otherness" and activates a sense of rejection, isolation, or futility.

Image by Dan Farrell

This membership is built with the hope and intention that you'll have a different experience here.

Here, your sensitivity is valued.

Otherness is embraced.

Boundaries are beautiful.

Inclusivity is key.

Depth is a virtue.

Darkness is a friend.

What's in it for you?


Unlike other collective readings, this membership is structured so that each Monthly Oracle Forecast is supported by lunation readings and live group sessions that provide a navigable path forward for your healing and development over the course of the month.


This community is based on shared values and interests so, while you may identify as a loner, you are not alone. Diverse perspectives, backgrounds, identities, and experiences are welcome, respected and accepted so you can be vulnerable, revelatory, honest, and practice unabashed self-love as you heal and grow.


This is a supportive space for you to explore and more deeply know, understand, and accept yourself first and foremost, with the added benefit of making authentic connections and building nurturing relationships that bring ease, lightness, and laughter to your growth.

Here's how it'll work...

All-Access Membership

For those who enjoy active collaboration and community, and want to contribute to shaping the structure of this membership.  

• LIVE virtual Monthly Oracle Card Forecasts, New Moon + Full Moon energy readings (Be behind the scenes with me! Watch me mess up, answer questions, plus connect with other members in the chat box!)

• LIVE virtual implementation sessions - connect with other members in small-group breakout sessions to share how the month's energy is unfolding for you and get/give peer support as needed

• Private, Members Only Instagram group with IG Lives, exclusive content, Q+As, and more

• Access to all recordings emailed to your inbox

• $50 per month, billed automatically on the first of each month

OR $40 per month with one-time annual subscription of $480 (save 20%!)

DIY Membership

Perfect for people who prefer a more passive style of engagement, or want to receive and process guidance at their own pace.

• Polished, post-produced recording of Monthly Oracle Card Forecast sent via email

• Cleaned-up, curated recordings of Monthly New Moon + Full Moon energy readings sent via email 

• $25 per month, billed automatically on the first of each month                       

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