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[un] becoming

Your year-long transformation from who you've been conditioned to be to claiming your fully authentic self and freely expressed life!

Accepting Applications!
5 more spots available for 2024

Why "unbecoming"?

The term "unbecoming" was a word I heard a lot as a child and teenager. Usually, anytime I looked, behaved, or spoke in a way that others didn't think a girl "should."

The message was, "who you are and how you express yourself isn't acceptable, pleasing, or attractive. The You you are doesn't belong and isn't welcome."

This was just one of the roots of my identity trauma (there were plenty others, too).

Those roots would sprout into myriad destructive and harmful coping mechanisms, and a gnarled, twisted sense of self that left life a cold, lonely, painful place to occupy.
It wasn't until my 30s that I had the agency to truly explore my sexuality, my gender expression, my neurodivergence, and to just get to know myself free from attachments and obligations to others. And I made the choice to begin healing the hurt that had saturated most of my lived experience.

This then became an essential part of my work as a coach and integrative healer, supporting folx whose self-expression was often a target of rejection, abuse, abandonment, and self-betrayal to reconnect with their essence, to identify their needs, to value themselves and their lives, and to develop the courage and confidence to authentically express themselves.

So I reclaimed the word "unbecoming" to reflect the process of unmasking, of shedding the "shoulds" you've been made to shoulder, so you can fully and feely live in wholeness, authenticity, and embodied empowerment.

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How will [un] becoming benefit you?

Self Connection + Trust

A common experience for folx who haven't historically felt safe to be themselves is to be disconnected from - or even in conflict with - your needs, your values, your voice, and your sense of place and purpose in the world. We'll re-establish connection with those parts of Self that have been repressed, exiled, or never allowed to present themselves. As these connections strengthen, your capacity for trusting your instincts, intuition, and ability to resource and support yourself will exponentially grow.

Authentic Expression

Once you're reconnected with all parts of you, and you trust yourself to make choices that prioritize and honor you, and you have the refreshed capacity to smoothly navigate the energetic and emotional cycles of life, authentic expression is a natural outcome. As you come into closer alignment with your authenticity, life around you will begin to shift to reflect your inner change - and that can feel awkward or unknown, even sad because there is some form of loss involved. You'll have safe space to explore what "authentic" truly means to you, to experiment with ideas and inspirations, and to allow your authentic Self to unfold and express itself through you.

Somatic Spaciousness

Living in a state of chronic stress or survival and having to consistently uphold a mask drastically compromises your body's and mind's ability to adapt to changes and take on new responsibilities - even fun ones, like starting a new creative project or planning a trip! We'll find your nervous system's current capacity for regulation, identify what safety and support is needed for you to gently and gradually expand that capacity, and collaboratively develop rituals and routines that encourage ease and balance.

Accelerated Manifestations

I don't love the popular understanding of or approaches to manifestation. Much of it is rooted in privilege bestowed by systemic supremacy. I use the term Actualization, and it is a process of co-creatively materializing the essence of your needs and desires into form. When you're self-connected and rooted in your authenticity, you're able to ask for what you want or need (from people or from Spirit) with clarity and confidence, without experiencing the materialization delays incurred by doubt, negation of deservability, or self-sabotage. You'll receive the actualized version of your intention that best bridges your present and future self, all in right timing.

What are the specifics?

[un] becoming is a personalized, private coaching experience comprised of 40 weekly sessions held over one year.

Just like your birth cycle took 40 weeks of gestation, so too will this rebirth cycle!

Sessions are 90 minutes each, and will incorporate intuitive tools such as astrology, Oracle cards, and psychic mediumship alongside integrative coaching techniques like shadow/parts work, inner child integration, and somatic regulation. 

Sessions are conducted remotely over Zoom, and are recorded so you can revisit details between sessions or on off-weeks.

Cost is $888/month for 12 months, which can be billed once a month (12 payments) or twice a month (24 payments of $444).

Image by Arun Clarke
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