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Chop Wood, Carry Water:

Accessing the Magick of the Mundane

Shifting the Balance of Power

Libra Shadow Work + Wisdom

Virgo Shadow Work + Wisdom

Intense Feels + the Myth

of Too Much-ness

Scorpio Shadow Work + Wisdom

Virgo Class

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Virgo Wisdom Workshop!

For Virgo Season/people with Virgo placements, I created Chop Wood, Carry Water: Accessing the Magick of the Mundane. 

This 90-min pre-recorded class gives you practical perspectives and techniques to shift the mundane tasks of your day-to-day into moments of potent magick.

Even though it's designed for Virgo Season, the information shared here is valuable and applicable any time of year! 

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Libra Class

Libra Season Shadow Work + Wisdom

Shifting the Balance
of Power

60 min, $40

Libra is often associated with "being nice," people pleasing, and placating. But as a Cardinal sign, it has a potent potential for wielding Power, most notably in our relationships.

In this self-paced class, we explore new ideas of Power and how we might experiment with changing our relationship to Power - and, in doing so, transforming our relationships to the Self, to each other, and to the collective as a whole.

Libra class image 1.jpg
Scorpio Class

Scorpio Season Shadow Work + Wisdom

Intense Feels + the Myth of "Too Much"-ness

90 min, $40

In this class, we delve deep into the wound of being "too much." We examine how Scorpio energy can cause hurt and can heal, and we explore ways to build self-trust, deepen self-connection, and expand our capacity for depth and intensity.

Being "too much" was never about you. This class is a powerful tool for preventing the perpetuation of identity trauma, and healing your relationship with your Shadow Self.

Hosted + Created by Vanessa Persephone Wells Dark Hearts Healing Arts.jpg
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