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Oracle Card

Oracle Cards are archetypal portals to intuitive insights and channeled messages that guide and inform me about the questions that will be most helpful to connect you with the clarity and reassurance you're seeking.

Oracle Cards are a lot like Tarot, but Oracle is a fluid divination system whereas Tarot is fixed. In other words, Oracle offers more flexibility for interpretation and individualized application. Tarot uses specific symbolism, and the chronology of the cards illustrates the unfolding of an archetypal narrative. Both are great! Oracle is the language that I'm most comfortable with and is the best tool to compliment my style of coaching and approach to healing.

In my readings, Oracle cards function to focus energy and anchor information in a way that grounds you in the session, and they also guide the flow of information so that it's relatable, accessible, and actionable for you.

Image by Feliphe Schiarolli

"I left my session with Vanessa feeling reinvigorated

in my life

and work."

- Carrie B.

My readings are not predictive. The purpose is to deepen your connection with the hidden wisdom within you, as well as open communication with the non-physical forces that are surrounding and supporting you. 

As Dr. Joe Dispenza frequently says, the best way to predict the future is to create it. You are an active, co-creative agent in your growth and healing.


The objective isn't to find out what will happen to you and when so you can hyper-vigilantly waste time waiting for it to appear.

The true objective of my readings is to:

1. identify which patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and identities are creating a counter-productive environment for you to actualize your authentic dreams and desires; and,

2. suggest actionable steps you can take toward generating a life that feels fully genuine and freely expressed.

Reading is confidential and conducted via Zoom. Recording provided within 24 hours.

Anchor 1

Single Readings:

Wheel of Foresight

90 mins @ $225

Through the lenses of self-compassion and curious self-inventory, we'll explore and engage with the energies contributing to and shaping the experience you're inquiring about. We'll begin with the Anchor - that which is at the heart of your current situation - and make our way around the 7 spokes of the wheel: Agitation, Awareness, Alignment, Action, Accountability, Acceptance, and Allowing. This journey will imbue you with the clarity, understanding, and guidance necessary to make choices that embody your needs, values, and goals.

This reading allows for the time and space to examine a question or theme that feels undefined or is open-ended in nature. It can also be used as a deep-dive into a specific intention or inquiry that requires tender support and the spaciousness to feel through and process its components.

Add 30-min Astrology overview for $50! We'll incorporate how your natal chart and the current cosmology is informing and influencing your experience.

At A Crossroads

60 mins @ Sliding Scale $60 - $160

When you know you're stuck, but aren't sure how you got there or where "forward" is, this session is both concise and thorough. Perfect for focusing on a specific concern, question, or theme that has you feeling lost or off-track. Together we'll examine where you are now on your path, what's holding you there, where you're best served through rest and release, and how you can align yourself with momentum and progress.

Add 30-min Astrology overview for $50! We'll incorporate how your natal chart and the current cosmology is informing and influencing your experience.

Recurring Readings:

Monthly Forecast Subscription

90 mins each. Available in annual, 6-month, or quarterly packages.

How would you plan your month or your year if you had a snapshot of what was in store for you? Imagine if you had more clarity about which choices to prioritize and where to dedicate your energy - how much time, energy, and anxiety would that free up? How much more ease and organization would that add to your life?

A Monthly Forecast Subscription consists of a 90-minute Oracle Card reading at the beginning of each month, so your self-care is built into your calendar in advance.


There's no pushing your need for connection, clarity, and support to the side because something else came up - you've already booked it. You don't have to pressure yourself into figuring things out on your own, because our session is waiting to hold and guide you.

This is a perfect practice for establishing consistency around self-care and prioritizing your need for space and support.

Annual Package: 12 sessions over 12 months. $2500 (save $200!) 

6-month Package: 6 sessions over 6 months. $1250 (save $100!) 

Payment plans available for all packages.

Schedule your first session now, ideally around the beginning of the month, and subsequent sessions will be scheduled with you via email.

Readings are confidential and conducted via Zoom. Recordings provided within 24 hours.

"Through our work, I was able to walk into the new seasons of my life
more equipped to create connection and pursue my purpose."

-John R.

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