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Client Testimonials

I booked a session with Vanessa because I had lost sight of the "why" in my work and was finding myself returning to old, unhelpful patterns. The entire session was a stream of "a-ha" moments. Vanessa is keenly intuitive and, from the beginning of the session, we touched on ways to better release wounds from my past, and move forward in a nourishing way. I was gently reminded that it is okay to let go of things that no longer serve me (in my own time), and trust myself in that process. One of the largest connection points for me to forgive others but more importantly, forgive myself. Vanessa took the time to sit with me and take breaths before the session, and made sure to check in with me throughout our time together. I felt incredibly comfortable and well taken-care-of the whole time. I left my session with Vanessa feeling reinvigorated in my life and work. I gained perspective over coming back to objectivity when feeling overwhelmed in the present moment which will be something I return to regularly.

Carrie Besko, Tarot Teacher + Advisor

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Working with Vanessa was one of the most enlightening and transformative sessions I've had for my business. I came in feeling stuck and unmotivated. There were so many things I was wrestling with from my website to new offerings and I felt indecisive, overwhelmed and frustrated. I was having trouble getting the advice I needed from the group platforms I am part of and I wanted a sounding board for my ideas. What I got was so much more than just business advice. Vanessa helped me shift the narrative I was telling myself (that something was wrong with me feeling uneasy and not knowing what to work on) to be healthier - that I was feeling uneasy because I was being asked to make choices from a position of being in flux and change myself. Our card pulls and the insights she shared with me gave me vision and hope for the future, offered steps I could take to help myself feel more settled and even got me thinking in new ways about the trajectory of my business and where I could seek help and insights in the future. After the session I felt inspired, ready to work, in the flow, and completely able to figure things out. By the end of the next day I had taken action on everything I had been avoiding with zero stress and lots of joy. 

Emily Schuhmann - Tarot Reader, Artist, Teacher

I came to my session feeling really chaotic and in need of clarification. My reading revealed that I can continue to untangle how my upbringing of scarcity still affects me and what that means in my current life, while staying open to infinite possibilities instead of giving into preconceived outcomes. Through my work with Vanessa, I was reminded that I'm able to trust my instincts and act from my own innate knowledge, as well as let go of preconceived outcomes and, instead, stay open to infinite possibilities. After this session, I trust that I can safely lean into the stillness and simple joys of life!

Avril Martin, Interior Designer

After sessions with Vanessa, you'll feel empowered, you'll discover your own inner badass and look forward to the future.​ When I came to her I was a broken, ashamed man questioning my every move except my passion for helping people. As a sexual abuse survivor, I lived my whole life with brokenness and attraction to unhealthy relationships...I hated myself.

Her creative approach to healing instilled me with the confidence and empowerment I was craving, and I discovered my God-born calling and drive to serve humanity. Now, I am truly living my best life. My self-awareness is strong and I understand the need for real communication and healthy relationships. Through our work, I was able to walk into the new seasons of my life more equipped to create connection and pursue my purpose.

After meeting with Vanessa, you will love yourself in ways you didn't think were possible.​ 

Ultimately, I love me now. And that makes all the difference.

John, Pastor + Civil Rights Advocate

I felt a need to get more of an understanding about myself and what's going on around me, so a friend recommended a session with Vanessa. I was made to feel comfortable and put at ease. As we went though the session, she made sure I was understanding and was ready to move on to next card. Sheer professionalism and a sense of pure genuine care and attention! I walked away with a clear sense of knowing what I need to do about the things that previously felt cloudy. I also feel more comfortable with my intuition, and more confident that I can trust my gut!

Alec, Security Manager

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