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Collective Care Covens

Create close-knit connections and receive communal support as you go through/adjust to change and pivot your top priority back to being You.

Summer Covens Starting the Week of June 2nd!

You are loved and cared about by so many people.


You still might not feel fully seen, listened to, or understood.

You still might not have enough people in your life with the capacity to witness you and hold you in your vulnerability.

You still might not have sufficient support available when you need it.

You still might not feel safe and encouraged to make the choices that call most loudly to you or to take the actions that make you feel most alive.

These are all very necessary in experiences in a fulfilling and authentically expressed life. 

And you deserve that.

The truth is, the people who love us are just that - people.

Human beings with a bunch of their own shit going on.

They can love us, and even do their best to be what we need. But sometimes it's just not enough, especially when we're going through or adjusting to something they don't understand, haven't been through, or don't agree with. And that can be tough to admit and accept.

Because if what someone is able to give isn't enough, doesn't that mean you're too much?


It only means your needs and their capacity aren't a perfect match. And that can be totally OK, so long as you allow yourself to get the additional attention and support that you need.

This is where Collective Care Covens come in.

Here's What Collective Care Covens Will Offer You

  • A close-knit community of folx who "get it" when it comes to growth work

  • Space to emotionally, verbally, and energetically spread out without guilt, shame, or being judged

  • Freedom to talk about your fears, frustrations, anxieties, doubts, etc. without someone swooping in with unhelpful solutions or unwelcome silver linings

  • People who are stoked to celebrate you and who genuinely enjoy watching you win! No "reality checks" or "what ifs" here.

  • A sense of togetherness that's built on a foundation of wanting the best for you without presuming to know what is best for you

  • Support for you to dream beyond what seems practical, while staying grounded in the truth of who you are and the group's accountability so dreams don't become escapism or fantasy.

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4 Covens,

3 Members Each

(12 of you + 1 of me =

a full coven of 13)

9 Sessions Over

12 Weeks - 3 weeks on, 1 week off

Sessions are 2 hours

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Bonus "Closing the Circle" Session for

all 13 coven mates

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Hosted Online via Zoom,

Available to Most Time Zones!

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Cost is $450 total

Can be paid in full or monthly @

$150 x 3 months


How Coven Meetings Will Flow

Sessions are 2 hours long and hosted online via Zoom


Settling In

We'll spend the first 15 minutes of each session saying hello, getting comfortable, and conversing casually. I'll then ground us into the session with a brief meditation and we'll set an intention for our time together.


Closing Out the Circle

For the last 15 minutes of each session, we'll come back together as a group to integrate the experience through some gentle breathing and/or meditation. You'll be invited to share how you're feeling post-session, anything you felt inspired or moved by from your coven mates' shares, and how you're intending to show up for yourself and in the world in the coming week.


Personal Space - take it up!

Each of the 3 members in your coven will receive 30 minutes of dedicated time in which your communal care needs get met. You may need to share what's on your mind and in your heart about what you're experiencing in your life right now. You may need to be held in stillness and silence. You may need to be guided through gentle breathing and self-connection exercises.

My role is to act as a stabilizing and guiding force for the flow of the sessions, as well as to offer prompts for reflection, self-inquiry, and somatic regulation. The role of the coven mates who are not actively sharing is to listen, to witness, to hold space, and be an unconditionally accepting presence.

What Are the Commitments?



Your coven mates will be counting on you to show up for them in these sessions, just as you'll be counting on them to show up for you. Life is life and unexpected things happen, which is part of the reason I built in off-weeks so you can more easily keep up with your non-coven responsibilities. But the expectation is that you will be present, both physically and consciously, for the weekly time slot you've booked.



The most healing component of the Collective Care Covens is being seen and heard without distraction, interruption, judgement, or feeling like someone's trying to fix you. During your sessions, you'll be expected to situate yourself in a place that is quiet, private, and undisturbed.



Healing spaces are sacred spaces, and this one is no different. Anything shared within the coven stays within the coven. Some people think it's "no big deal" to discuss other people's business just because they keep them anonymous or their friend won't ever meet the person. Here, it's a big deal. Don't gossip about your coven mates, period.



Making this financially accessible is a big priority, especially as financial concerns are one of the most common reasons why people isolate from or feel they can't talk to their loved ones. And I want this to be as welcoming and inclusive a space as possible. So the cost of the full program is $450, or $150 per month. You'll be able to pay once in full or in 3 monthly installments, whichever works for you. 

Summer 2024 Covens begin the week of June 2nd and run through late August 

4 Covens to choose from to accommodate multiple time zones

Days and times TBD

If you have questions, you can email me here!

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