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Co-Working + Coaching

Private sessions for ADHD* Creatives and solo Business Owners who need support with organizing timelines, prioritizing task lists, and getting your work out of your head, off of your desk, and out into the world!

Business Coaching meets Body Doubling! Approach your projects in accessible steps and have at-your-side accountability to get them done in the way that works for you.

*Open to anyone who struggles with executive functioning. Not ADHD exclusive or specific. If you get overwhelmed by tasks and timelines, this is open and available to you!

Sessions start at 30 min / sliding scale rate $50 - $125.
Sessions are private and online via Zoom. 

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You don't need help doing "the thing."
You need help doing "the thing."

For all my creatives and solo business owners who also struggle with Executive Dysfunction because of ADHD, C-PTSD, or any other reason that makes organizing and prioritizing your time and tasks a challenge, there's a solution.

And it's a solution tailored specifically to you, to what you've got right in front of you, and that takes into account how you're feeling, what you need, and the resources available to you in the moment.

CO-WORKING + COACHING offers you collaboration, strategy, accountability, and compassionate support so you can work for yourself successfully without being driven by overwhelm.


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Reduce executive function overwhelm (aka decision fatigue) by having your project chunked down into achievable tasks and organized/prioritized based on the resources and capacity you have in the moment.

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Receive support and encouragement through the shame, frustration, and hopelessness that often comes with not being able to "just do the thing" - we'll work with your nervous system to leverage its strengths and soothe its struggles.

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Recruit tools and systems that make doing the work you love work for you! AND have the benefit of my 20+ years of professional executive support and project management experience, as well as personal AuDHD lived experience, to guide you through getting from A to Z in your project with minimal stress.

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What to Expect in a Session

Below is a breakdown of how sessions are structured, examples of how you can make use of them, and what you'll never experience within this space (and that's a good thing).

Session Structure

  • Sessions are booked in 30 min increments.

  • Can be booked back-to-back for more time.

  • You're in control of what gets done, when, and how. But I'm happy to guide and suggest as needed!

  • Hosted over Zoom and can be recorded, caption enabled, and any other accommodation available that facilitates your successful use of the space.

  • Consider connecting through two devices if you'll want to share your screen or don't have multiple monitors for your computer.

  • You're welcome to keep your camera off if that makes you more comfortable or prevents distraction.

  • Whatever gets done is perfect progress! The goal is to show up for yourself and your work. There's no pressure to get it all done.

Here's What Won't Happen... 

  • You'll never be asked or encouraged to "just" do anything that doesn't work for you or makes you feel bad.

  • You'll never be forced to adhere to a schedule, deadline, or timeline. Instead, we'll collaborate on a flexible structure that provides freedom for your needs but also offers boundaries for making progress.

  • We'll never override cues from the body that you're tired, overwhelmed, need a break, etc.

  • We'll never ask the body or brain to "push through" any anxiety, resistance, brain fog, or burnout.

  • You'll never be denied a break to snack, fidget, move your body, or change subjects.

and, Yeah, you're still gonna get so much done!


Why You Can Trust Me
with This Work...

Hey, I'm Vanessa Persephone Wells - your Co-Working + Coaching accountabili-buddy!

I didn't figure out until I was 41 (with the help of my therapist) that I'm AuDHD. That's a lot of years of fumbling through school, and career, and life's milestones with the sickening sense that the world is a place I don't understand or relate to, and that I'll never get "right" in a way that doesn't cost me my health, sanity, or happiness.

The biggest problem I had? I looked like I had everything handled, and I made it look easy.

So from the neurodivergent side of things, I know what it is to be really smart and in some ways feel so stupid. I know what it is to feel like I have to squeeze every ounce of energy out of every atom to get something done, only for others to think it took minimal time and effort. And I know what it's like to turn myself inside out to do "normal" things, but the "tough stuff" comes as second nature (which - contrary to popular belief - being good at conventionally-perceived difficult things doesn't mean that "simpler" stuff comes that much more easily).

But what makes me the one to help you with your business-y stuff?

For one, I have an instinctive and intuitive understanding of business. I'm naturally good at recognizing what's missing, identifying what's needed, and innovating solutions from feedback, metrics, and behavior trends.

One a more qualitative note, I've spent the past 20+ years working in support of small business founders and being part of upper-management and executive teams.

I've been part of their decision making processes. I've watched them make mistakes and witnessed the consequences, as well as how they handled it (or didn't). I created and optimized the systems that made their organizations efficient at being internally productive while successfully meeting customer needs. 

And perhaps the most important experience I've acquired is how to gain a fundamental understanding of how each part of an organization works, so that instead of competing for resources different departments can harmoniously collaborate and cooperatively bring a project to successful completion.

When you're a solo business owner, that's all on you. And that's A LOT. 

The reality is, you can't yet afford to hire people to do all the various bits that surround the heart of your art or work - the marketing, the billing, the strategizing new offers, so on and so forth. 

And if you're anything like me (not that you have to be), the sting of it is that you're totally capable of doing all of those different things! But because some of them take a lot of effort and energy from you, and because there's so many tasks that demand different skill sets, it gets overwhelming and unfulfilling pretty fast.

In Co-Working + Coaching, I inhabit the roles of strategist and organizer so you can implement and execute without running yourself into the ground.

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Based on IRL Case Studies

Let's Say...

You need to update your webpage, but you don't know which information is most important or what order it should go in, you feel like the copy is too wordy but you also want it to be relatable, but you can't publish the page anyway until you've chosen all the photos you want to include. So you're just waiting for things to "feel right" before you get started.

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I'll help you make design decisions based on your objectives, preferences, and current capacity for implementation.

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I'll review and make suggestions for your copy and structure, and sit with you while you make the updates if you're ready to.

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We'll come up with a timeline and order of operations that allows for moving things around as you need, but still gives you an accessible outline to follow after or between sessions.

Or Perhaps...

You want to promote an art event where you're being showcased, or launch an online gallery to feature or even sell your work. You're not sure what to post or where, and how to get people to see it. The amount of marketing templates, suggestions, and "can't fail formulas" available online has you in complete shut down. You feel like you've failed before you've even started, because it's too hard to wrap your mind around all the steps that come before the thing you set out to do - promote your work.

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I'll prompt you with specific questions to get you clear about key info points, so it's less about choosing from a litany of marketing options and more about recognizing the best fit.

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We'll chunk down the big tasks, like building a Landing Page or launching a shop, into achievable steps in an easy-to-follow order so you're never wondering "what comes next?" or "what's the point of doing it like this?"

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We'll talk through any anxiety or emotional stress that's making it harder for you to implement the actions you want to take for yourself, and we'll find ways to take action that feels safer and more attainable for you.

This is just to give you a sense of things, but your sessions are personalized to your projects and your needs!

Book an Appointment

If you're ready to get started, schedule your Co-Working + Coaching session.

There's a sliding scale intro rate of $50, $88, or $125 for 30 mins.

Choose what feels right for you!

If you've got questions or need more info first, I got you!

Shoot me an email or book a Free 20-min Curiosity Call to get the clarity you need.

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