Ready to shed the "shoulds" and
create a life that reflects

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When you're fed up with feeling small and suffocated by your circumstances...

When all the books and workshops and journaling haven't helped you to break the cycles of giving too much and getting too little, of perfection-paralysis, of falling into situation-ships rather than actively choosing available partners...

When you want to move forward in your career, on creative projects, or with your own personal growth, but something is holding you back...

The "Co-Create the True You" intuitive coaching series is the perfect space for untethering yourself from beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and practices that hold you back from the life you feel called to but can't quite touch yet. 

"I feel empowered and at ease. Empowered because the series offered me so many tools I can rely upon and anchor in moving forward. I feel lighter after releasing long-held limiting beliefs to make space for and welcome more beneficial ones into my life. And at ease because now I'm allowing myself to trust the Universe, trust my gut. I am on the right path, I'm open to it, I have the tools... I see it for myself, and it feels wonderful."

- Lili, @intentionallycurious

Creative Producer/Podcaster/Video Editor

If you're curious about private coaching, chances are the life you're living - at least in one respect - feels really out of whack. No matter how good it "should" feel, you're not fulfilled. You're not present or engaged with it. Your life isn't lighting you up...if anything, trying to hold it all together - despite the feeling that it's all falling apart - is wearing you down and bumming you out. 

That feeling that you're life isn't your own is because, well, it isn't. It's someone else's version of who you "should" be, what you "should" want, and how you "should" do things. And that's normal! We all take on ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and aspirations that we pick up from the people and world around us as we experiment with who we are and, ultimately, are not. 

Eventually, carrying around all those identities and expectations that you've picked up along the way - in efforts to feel safe, accepted, loved, successful - gets too heavy for your soul, and life starts feeling like it's falling apart or hitting a wall. This is the crossroads of your truth calling out for your acknowledgement, your acceptance, and to be actualized so you can truly, freely, and fully be your Self.


Co-Create the True You


Intuitive Coaching Series

This 1:1 program leverages the power of lunar cycles to support you in establishing what it is you truly want, exploring how you're getting in your own way, and embracing your needs without doubt, apology or shame!

Given the intimacy and depth of the work we'll be doing, there are a limited number of openings for each series - so it's important to ensure we're a good fit for working together! To be considered, you'll complete a brief Interest Form before being confirmed for the next available series.

Enrollment opens on a rolling, monthly basis. If you miss the start of a new series, fill out the form anyway - you'll get first consideration for the next month!

What's Included?

5 weeks - 7 hours total - of one-on-one intuitive readings and self-connection coaching.

Recordings of calls and photos of card spreads are emailed to you after each session.

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

Week One: Monthly Oracle Card Forecast

A 2-hour, in-depth Oracle Card reading in which we'll identify the transformative theme for the upcoming month, clarify obstacles, discern next steps, and establish accountability for authentic actions that are aligned with your needs and values.

Week Two: Integration Session

A 1-hour support session to check-in around how the themes, questions, and invitations presented in the Monthly Forecast are showing up for you, and how to meet them with ease, curiosity, and pleasurable action steps that lead you in the direction of your desired outcome for the series.

Week Three: New Moon Reading

New Moons are magickal times for setting new intentions and investing energy into what you're ready to bring to fruition. In this 90-minute Oracle reading, you'll get a clear understanding of what beliefs, behaviors, patterns, or conditioning you're best served to surrender from your experience, and which are ready to claim that newly freed-up space to support your expansion, evolution, and vision for the series.

Week Four: Integration Session

A 1-hour support session to assess how you're feeling about your progress/process, and to reorganize priorities or shift perspectives as needed in a way that re-aligns you with your action plan and goals. This is also where you celebrate how far you've come over the past 4 weeks, integrate what you've experienced, and move forward from a place of empowered choice!

Week Five: Full Moon Reading


Full Moons indicate the completion of a cycle, and so this session completes the series! In this 90-minute Oracle reading, you'll discern which energies you're agreeing to release attachment to and identification with through the work you've committed to, and you'll connect with the energies that are moving in to support your transition to independently actualizing your expanded Self!

$997 one-time payment

or two payments of $525 due prior to sessions one and four

"So many themes and things we discussed in the series resonated so much with me, I catch myself thinking about them at random times and applying them in all areas of my life. Because insight is nothing without action!"

- Lili, @intentionallycurious

Creative Producer/Podcaster/Video Editor

Is this coaching series right for me?

This series is a safe, compassionate, lovingly-challenging space where you will:

  • take responsibility as a co-creative force in your life;​

  • face and embrace the parts of yourself that you've shunned and "shoulded" away (probably for good reasons!);

  • hold yourself accountable to the person you are becoming while accepting and loving the person you are now and have been;

  • discern what your needs, desires, and aspirations are outside of what others have told you is possible or appropriate for you;

  • define boundaries that serve and support you;


  • learn to use astrological energies as tools for self-connection and self-care, not as forces victimizing you or as stereotyped identities;  

  • commit to taking action that aligns with your values, your truth, and your definition of fulfillment;

  • create a more integrated Self and a life that reflects YOU in all your lovely, weird, wonder!

These sessions are NOT:

  • predictive or meant to pre-determine what's going to happen "to" you;

  • suited for those who have never had an intuitive reading before (be it Tarot, Akashic Records, Astrology, etc.) or for whom this is the first introduction to emotional growth or spiritual healing work. If this is you, I suggest starting with an Oracle Card Reading, or seeking out a practitioner who specializes in supporting those who are at the beginning of their healing journey. 

  • me giving you answers, advice, or more "shoulds" to shoulder. I will...

    • offer encouragement and support as you challenge yourself to grow by making new choices,

    • suggest tools for self-connection and self-care so you feel physically and emotionally strong,

    • give honest reflection about how you speak to and treat yourself, the patterns you're repeating, and the opportunities for change that you're overlooking,

    • provide intuitive insights into how you are being spiritually guided and archetypally activated...​​

  • again, not, a substitute for therapy or professional mental health care - in fact, this is a great compliment to Transpersonal and holistic models of therapy!

Single Series - one, 5-week series

  • $997 one-time payment

  • Two payments of $515 - first payment at enrollment, 2nd payment prior to Week 4 session

  • Five payments of $210, due before each session

  • One scholarship spot is made available each month for someone who is committed to growth but is not financially resourced for the series.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to
become who you truly are." 

- Carl Jung