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The Sagittarius Full Moon Asks, "When You Find What You're Seeking, Will You Let Yourself Have It?"

As the official start of summer inches ever closer, the Summer Solstice is preceded first by this full moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the seeker, the philosopher, the explorer.

The developmental journey of Sagittarius is to seek out The Truth, as well as Their Truth, by experiencing diversity in a sensual (meaning of the senses, not necessarily…but also not not necessarily…erotic) manner.

The Sagittarian trope of being “up for anything” ignites from the enthusiasm of experiencing as much as the world can offer and, through this wide breadth of experience, refine the Self in accordance with the lessons learned and consequences borne.

The symbol of the Archer for Sagittarius elicits the discerning of desire, the alignment between the arrow of intentional choice and the target of desired outcome, and the knowing that anything can happen between the release of that arrow and it reaching a destination. Whether it’s the intended destination or a wholly unpredicted one is part of the thrill for Sagittarian energy - the promise of possibility and the potential for fulfillment is the true prize Sagittarius seeks.

So, what does a Full Moon in this sign signify?

A Full Moon is the completion of a lunar cycle, and as such offers us an ending - and since many of us have not so great lived experiences with endings, I frame this as a graduation from or mastery of a life theme.

As a collective, we are maturing from seeking one set of answers and are ready to experience something new that will ultimately reveal to us a new perspective or way of perceiving the world or engaging with one another.

In the light of the Full Moon, we are shown (and shone I guess, lol) where the path to new potential lies, and what we’re now resourced enough to leave behind us.

Let the reading begin...

What cycle is coming to a close?

Here, The Lady of the Mirror stands between your inner and outer worlds - the You you are at your core and the life that’s coalesced around you in harmony and/or contrast with that.

You’re ready to drop the judgements you’ve had of yourself (and maybe-probably others) about the ways in which actions don’t always reflect intentions, or the ways in which you feel misrepresented by your outer-world circumstances.

Contrast, conflict, friction, and resistance - which we can often interpret as punishments - are sometimes actually offering an opportunity for reassessment of your preferences, resources, intentions, and desires, as well as reevaluation of where exactly you are on your journey.

Rather than being a test of your worthiness or commitment, it’s really a point of redirection.

Have you been so focused on who you think you “should” be, or what you think you “should” have, or where you think you “should” have arrived by now, that you haven’t been open to the myriad other pathways and possibilities around you?

The stubbornness, excessive efforting, and forcing to make “it” happen are over. They’re just not going to get you moving forward in the direction that best serves you. So let ‘em go.

Where you are is where you need to be, and there’s nothing bad or lacking or wrong with that - or with you. In this moment, you can relax into your path and your pace.

Not being “there” isn’t a poor reflection of you, it’s simply a reflection of how far you’ve come and what new tools, skills, information, and perceptions you have yet to learn (and that can be exciting)!

What has this cycle revealed?

The High Lord of Gratitude & Service and The Dream Walker team up to tell you that through your experience of reckoning with the ways in which your inner and outer worlds line up (and don’t), that you are more connected with the bigger picture, the ways in which your individual path is part of a larger map of intertwined journeys, origins, destinations, crossroads, and roadblocks.

Others have come before you. Others will also come behind you. While sometimes it can feel like you are lost and alone, you are not - none of us are.

But it’s these periods of feeling lost and alone that can actually connect you more intimately with others - you have a deeper sense of empathy, compassion, consideration, and need because you’ve been in a similar place and found a way through.

You can offer guidance and solace as an authentic and trustworthy source, and in doing so contribute to the confidence and capability of others, thus strengthening the collective as a whole.

What you go through matters, first to you and then to those impacted by the expanded version of you that grew from your experiences.

You’ve also reached a new understanding of how your aspirations influence and contribute to the collective evolution, and you’re recognizing the changes in course you need to make for your choices to embody and express your truth.

Sometimes we have a goal that, once we begin to work toward it, exposes who we aren’t willing to become or what we aren’t willing to do in order to achieve it. In Sagittarian light, that is an important revelation - not a failure as it may seem on the surface.

Again, contrast can be a magickal mirror and teacher. If, in achieving your goal, you would be betraying a person, demographic, or ethic that you value, then that goal isn’t in service to your truth or the collective wellbeing.

And you now have available to you a new level of appreciation for how the individual and collective inform and influence one another, that it isn’t self-sacrifice to change personal course when we seek to beneficially contribute to the collective. It’s actually a form of honoring the Self and acting through integrity!

What potential now has space to be welcomed in?

The archetype of the prince/princess/princx connotes the potential of what’s to be inherited. At the end of the rainbow awaits a pot of gold, and it’s got your name on it.

Unlike a sovereign, you won’t need to conquer anyone for it, nor will you need to defend it. It’s just yours. How does that sit with you?

Can you receive without having to sweat or bleed for it?

Can you retain it without fear of losing it?

Can you trust that it really is there and meant for you, even though you can’t see or hold it yet?

These can be hard things to do. So if your answer is no, that’s just information for where you have room to expand and evolve.

It’s not a condemnation, and it’s not a sign that you don’t want something bad enough or aren’t working hard enough.

It’s an invitation to practice compassionate curiosity with yourself about why you’re perhaps afraid of the change attainment of payment (be it monetary, emotional, etc.) might bring, or why you feel that you personally can’t have what you want.

But The Rainbow Prince arrives to assure you that it’s all there, and it really is for you!

The encouragement here is to practice hope, anticipation, and excitement for what’s yet to come, to let Sagittarius’ enthusiasm for adventure and discovery flow through you as you continue to make your way in the direction of your desires.

Because, as lunar cycles show us, with every ending comes a new beginning. Once you reach your target, meet your goal, win the prize, space is made for a new desire to arise.

So be present with the process, enjoy the ride. That may be the bit you’ve actually been looking for all along.

If you'd like to explore more personally what this full moon offers you, you can always book a private Oracle Card Reading with me. You already have the answers you're seeking, and I can help you access them.

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