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Late to the Libra party! Here’s your Full Moon message…

The Libra Full Moon peaked yesterday (Saturday), but the potency of a full moon lasts for another 2-3 days. So technically I’m not late ;)

To help you harness the magick of this specific lunation, I’ve pulled some Oracle cards and channeled a message to support you in processing the energies this Libra Full Moon has to offer.

Now, I’m not an astrologer. I consider myself “Astrology Adjacent.” I study up on it, I know a pretty good deal about it, but I’m not trained to interpret charts or guide you through astrological application. So I use the archetypal foundations and interrelations of astrology as a context for the current collective energies, and use Oracle to give more grounded direction to how to work with those energies.

Sound good? Let’s do it.

Libra spotlights the dynamics of relationship - harmony, reflection, balance, and compromise.

Full Moons signify a coming to completion; some talk about this in terms of endings. I message this more along the lines of integration, maturation, and graduation. Where have we mastered a way of being or doing, and where are we positioned to pass from Master to Student once more? Specific to relationships, we can ask ourselves:

What ways of connecting, relating, and partnering have I outgrown? What new foundations for intimacy am I being asked to establish?

The cards that come to answer the question of maturation are Shadow and Power. The message of these cards together is that we’re no longer sufficiently served - personally or collectively - by dynamics of codependency, by using relationships as a power source for our confidence or agenda for progress, or by assigning others the role of projection screen for our insecurities, fears, doubts, or limitations.

Here, the Shadow card signifies the parts of the Self that we can’t bring ourselves to own so we exorcise them in relationship with others, with knee-jerk reflexes ready to point out those disowned characteristics of ours as flaws and faults in others. And that gives us a sense of control over those Shadow parts - we keep them in line, we keep them separate from us, and we affirm for ourselves how wrong they are and how right we are for keeping them in the dark corners of our consciousness.

We get to polarize ourselves against the other, right vs. wrong, healthy vs. wounded, giving vs. selfish, grown-up vs. get-your-shit-together. Spoiler alert…you’re both all those things, every human is. And that dynamic of being better than, being special, being separate from, that’s what lies at the heart of oppression in all its forms - including self-oppression.

Inevitably, the ways in which you oppress yourself will leak into your relationships with others, and we’re all being called to move into a way of creating connection based in love, appreciation, harmony, and compassion rather than power, transaction, acquisition, and accumulation.

Which leads us into the next card, offering insight into what we’re making space for by cleaning up these Shadow/Power patterns and beliefs...Ascension.

Now, I hope you can hear me rolling my eyes at the word “Ascension.” (WARNING: RANT INCOMING!) Because wasn’t I just talking about how the concepts of separation, of being special, of otherness are at the heart of oppression? You can’t apply the power dynamics of the human plane/experience to the realms of non-physical (i.e. Spirit, Consciousness, the Cosmos, God, so on and so forth). Well, I mean, you can but it doesn't make sense.

This notion that the Ego is base and something to leave behind in favor of an ascended, 5D Higher Vibrational Self is just good ol’ dogmatic fear/punishment-based religiosity dressed up as spirituality.

Does the Spirit vibrate at a different, higher frequency than the body? Yes - in exactly the same way that the particles of steam vibrate at a higher (meaning faster) frequency than solid ice (which is solid, so the particles move a lot slower and therefore have a lower vibration).

Is steam more enlightened than ice? Is ice shameful, wrong, or something to actively be fixated upon as needing remedy? No. Ice has a purpose and a value. Steam has a purpose and a value. Your human condition and experience has a purpose and a value. Attempting to deny or escape it, or The Ego as it gets called, in favor of some spiritual promise of transcendence into soul bliss…what you’re really asking for is a hastening of your own death.

The human lived experience is the process by which we refine the soul. It offers us the conflict and contrast through which we discern our truth so that, when we die and transition into Spirit, the soul has evolved and is ready for the next chapter of its journey.

OK, back to the card…

As we clear up the Shadow/Power dynamics of our relating, we create space for an evolved and expanded Self, society, and global community! With every choice you make, consciously or unconsciously, to actualize your potential and to show up in the world as a more authentically attuned and expressed version of yourself (as defined by your values and not the “shoulds” of society), you are contributing to the growth and healing of your Self, of your soul, of others, of the planet, and - get this! - even your ancestors and your descendants.

Yes, healing occurs across timelines.

When we evolve out of patterns that perpetuate wounding, however commonplace or big-T Traumatic they may be, we break generational cycles that affect us psychologically and biologically. Trauma impacts our cells, and as our cells adapt and change in response to trauma, those cellular changes are passed down genetically through our family lines. So when we heal, we repair our own genes and pass on healthier ones.

And on a spiritual level, our ancestors are smiling alongside us as we overcome the challenges they also endured and didn’t have the agency or resources or opportunity to overcome during their time here.

The psychological gains we make through healing, if nothing else, make being here on this earthly plane, in this physical body sharing time and space with other embodied beings, a more meaningful, fulfilling, and pleasurable experience for everyone involved. And that matters. It’s not lesser because it’s in the mind or because feelings are fluid. The felt experience is a paramount part of being alive, and you deserve to tend this, and all parts of you, with nourishment and nurturing.

Let’s end this on a proactive note: how do these themes present themselves in your relationships? Include your relationship to yourself in that, as well as your relationship to your business or career, your family and friends, your partner(s) or the partner(s) you’re awaiting, and the greater social systems that connect us.

Where can you witness your tendencies to engage and relate through power dynamics, and how can you get compassionately curious about that? What are you willing and/or ready to shift here?

In what ways are you welcoming more compassionate connection, inclusive intimacy, and expanded authenticity in your relationships - first and foremost in your relationship to yourself?

Be kind to yourself, and one another, during this time of inquiry. We are none of us perfect or healed. We are each doing the best we can with what we have, and we all - including you - deserve patience, compassion, and acceptance.

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