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Exploring the Deep Waters of Connection and Community

In the sign of Scorpio, this Full Moon is shining its light on some intense areas. Scorpio energy, while often spoken of in terms of being connected to our sexuality, also speaks more deeply and directly than that; it is our relationship to intimacy, including but not limited to physical intimacy.

Exploring Scorpio energy can sound like, “How deeply are we willing to know ourselves and one another? What kind of soul connections are we seeking, and what is our capacity to nourish and sustain them?”

Scorpio is also the sign of death and transformation. As a water sign, the death and transformation that Scorpio signifies goes deeper than the body or material world - it is emotional, existential, and experiential death and transformation that requests attention.

So bringing these Scorpio concepts of intimacy and death/transformation together, what questions is this Full Moon spotlighting for us? According to the cards I’ve pulled to illustrate the wisdom of this lunation, the answer lies in relationships:

  • What is my relationship to intimacy, and how is that revealed in the ways that I am tender and attentive to myself, and with others? Do my actions and choices authentically reflect my intentions and needs?

  • What beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and/or practices have I outgrown? How can I retire these and consciously choose substitutes that feel more natural and nurturing?

  • What relationships, or dynamics within my relationships (including with myself), are withered beyond the point of regeneration? Where is it time to simply, with honor and appreciation, say good-bye?

  • What connections - within myself and with others - am I ready to welcome in? Who do I need to become to make space for and attract these connections? And is that person who I truly am, or am I setting myself up for more misalignment?

Full Moons are a time of completion - a cycle has come to a close, a death of sorts; but, more accurately, it’s a graduation. It’s also a revelation. The face of the moon is brightly illuminated, putting what we need to see in full view.

There are two questions I ask every Full Moon to make the most of its magick:

What has reached completion or its fullest potential?

What is being revealed in the space made through this process of maturation?

What has reached completion or its fullest potential?

In response to this first question, The Swan glides seemingly seamlessly across the water’s surface to meet you and share its story of transformation. Remember, the story of The Swan is also the story of The Ugly Duckling! And The Swan approaches to advise that it’s time to let go of the pattern or tendency to try fitting into groups or environments that don’t recognize your value or appreciate you for who you are.

Those that seek to change you to make you more like themselves, or shame you for the ways in which you stand out, are not your community. The squirmy discomfort you feel in the company of those others is the signal from your core Self that this is not the right fit for you.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, despite the messaging you may be receiving or have internalized, or that there’s anything necessarily wrong with them either. The dynamic isn’t right, and there’s a safer, healthier, accepting community waiting to welcome you in.

But first, you have to outgrow your Ugly Duckling identity - that’s a byproduct of being shamed for being different than others who value sameness or need your compliance.

Witness and claim The Swan that you are, and you’ll recognize other swans much more quickly and easily - those who recognize and value their own individuality and see the richness in uniqueness, and therefore create community from a place of respect, acceptance, and shared values.

What is being revealed in the space made through this process of maturation?

Here, The Dog romps immediately to your side! By recognizing your worth and committing to your Self, you open space for those who are excited to support you, play with you, and grow alongside you.

In these relationships, there are no power dynamics of too much/not enough, of scarcity and savior. There is reciprocity, compliment, encouraging contrast (as opposed to combative conflict), and the knowing that difficulties will be met with a commitment to respectful resolution - even if that means a peaceful parting of ways.

In the space between walking away from what isn’t working and finding a new place of belonging, existence can feel very lonely and like you’ve made a mistake, or even are a mistake. But The Dog is here to reassure you that, if or when you find yourself in that liminal space, connect to the hope for and anticipation of finding your folx. Trust that they are seeking you as much as you are seeking them, and you will meet in the middle where your paths cross.

If you're curious to explore what this means for you on an individual level, you can book a private Oracle Card reading to focus on the specific themes you're experiencing and receive actionable guidance to bring more relief, ease, joy, and connection into your life.

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