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Courses + Workshops

Live group courses, pre-recorded self-paced classes, and online workshops to guide you through getting out of your own way and into your true power.

Self-directed classes and group coaching courses can be powerful supplements to the awareness achieved in private sessions, or they can serve as a discerning introduction to the growth available to you through Dark Hearts Healing Arts.

Whether you're wading into the alchemical waters of healing or you're ready to dive in deep, there's a service here that's meant to meet you where you are in your unfolding.

Live courses are recommended for those who are prepared to commit time, energy, and focus to a targeted goal, and who thrive through structure, accountability and reciprocal support.

Classes are best suited to those who more comfortably process information or experiences in their own time and at their own pace, or for those who prioritize
flexibility in scheduling and when integrating coursework. 

Workshops are perfect for everyone! They're a great way experience the style and scope of the healing arts offered here.

This section is still building, so stay in the loop by adding your name to the Courses + Workshops Waitlist. You'll get updates about upcoming events and priority registration!

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